Birding For All

Thinking of joining us?

Thinking of joining us?


Our members make us! and by this I mean we could not do what we do without you, it is by having a growing list of members that we are able to get access to the right people at reserves and organisations, numbers matter and the more people who sign up the more power we have to realise the changes that are laid out in our constitution.

Please take the time to fill out our membership form (or update us with your details).

How Can You Help?



Aside from joining us and adding weight to our numbers what else can you do to help Birdfing For All? Well quite a few things really, we always need help spreading the word of our charity so please join us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and share our stories or posts, link to us off your websites or blogs, and just generally spread the world to whoever you think could help and however you can, the more people who know about us the more we can affect change.

Another really great way you can help Birding For All and other birdwatchers is to take a look at our Access Enhancements page and see if your local reserve is up to a good standard, you can even download a pre-prepared PDF form from us to help you with that.

Reserve Accessibility Assessment Form – PDF

Volunteer, yes we always need help be it selling raffle tickets, raising funds, keeping social media up to date, writing articles about access, reviewing reserves etc. like any charity it is the work of volunteers that makes us, and there are never enough of us (yes all officers and patrons are volunteers).

Contact details can currently be found the BFA Team page.

Don’t worry members are not inundated with spam or letters we offer one newsletter which is sent out (either as a paper copy or electronically via email) sometime in July.