Birding For All

Mission Statement

Birding For All’s Mission Statement


Birding For All was created to promote universal access to all facilities, services and resources for bird watchers.

It is part of that mission to educate the general public so that they understand that disability is not a function of an individual with impairments but a dysfunction of society in not catering for all types of needs.

We believe that anywhere there is ‘public access’ this MUST mean ALL of the public including those with mobility issues etc.

Birding For All will endeavour to educate, encourage and cajole anyone and everyone who can influence provision. It is part of the mission to get people to accept that better provision need not cost more and is often merely a matter of sensitive design.

Birding For All will always be open to disabled and able-bodied people provided that they share the vision that access should be available to all and that equality of opportunity should be universal.

Birding For All members will not discriminate against their fellows by virtue of race, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, colour, or physical and mental health or ability.